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Running Sucks – Story of a Barefoot Runner

Aleks Kashefi is a science teacher from the UK who began running just 3 years ago. He soon discovered running in the mountains and found it gave him a huge sense of freedom but there was something missing…

Or rather something that needed to be lost, his shoes! Aleks realised that running barefoot in these remote and challenging locations added a huge amount more fun to each run, so he lost the shoes and began to do it the ‘pure’ way.

Running Sucks – Story of a Barefoot Runner follows the story of Aleks’s running career and why he finds running barefoot such a different experience to running conventially. It was filmed in the build up to a huge trip that Aleks made to run the length of Europe from Norway to Sicily along the E1 trail solo and barefoot.

To follow Alek’s progress check out his blog:

Or By following his GPS tracker:

You can support Aleks and the charities that he is running for HERE.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Jimmy Hyland

Jimmy Hyland is a Photographer and Film Maker based in the Peak District UK.

With a great passion for the outdoors, adventure and travel, Jimmy has made it his mission to find and tell stories from around the world that encourage and motivate people to get out into the world and experience what it has to offer.

He can be quoted saying: ‘If my films can make a difference to just one person then it has all been worth it, I want to tell peoples stories, pass on the motivation and psych that many of the people I have been lucky to meet have and tell these peoples true stories’.

Filmmaker’s Website: