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No Regrets about Guitar

Past forty, the age that’s free from perplexities, Yuan Weiren has firmly believed that music is his destiny. His songs might sound a little flat, but it is more touching than the false twist. He sang all those beautiful Chinese songs while tasted all those happiness and sadness.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by ZHU Lijun

Born in 1991, Zhu Lijun is a Pisces. She likes to call herself a“post-90s unconventional director”.  However, majoring in pharmaceutical engineering, she moved directly into the film and television industry after graduation.

Now, she has filmed about 25 Ergeng’s short videos with different themes covering extreme athlete, surfing home-stay owner, cooking with knives, vintage industrial lamp engraver, volunteer anti-trafficking, etc.

Award-winning works are as follows:

  1. Directed in July 2015, her short film wisdom tree won the “The Best Public Service Documentary Award” in China Philanthropy Story Film Festival in November.
  2. Directed in August 2015, her public service short film I must find you won the “Integration Media Award “in Taipei ILEC International Public Service Ads Festival in January,2016.
  3. Directed in October 2015, my public service short film Sihong and his life tree won the “green windmill public service award” in Taipei ILEC International Public Service Ads Festival in January 2016.

Filmmaker’s Website: