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I Can

Andrew Ingrum is a 47-year-old husband, father, and athlete who pushes the boundaries of age. He loves to works hard in his workouts and pushes himself to the best of his ability. While his casual fitness friends blame their age on their lack of physique, Andrew proves that age is only a number and that one can do anyone they set their mind to do.

Although he makes it look easy, being in the physical shape Andrew is in takes a lot of work, a lot of early mornings, and a lot of determination. He wakes up before the roosters, zombies out of bed and into his car to attend his 5 am class. Afterward, he sprints home only to work a full day at work. Although his job is very demanding, Andrew finds time in order to get his workout in. He is the perfect example who proves that one’s job is no excuse to skip a workout.

While his casual fitness friends only come for the workout, Andrew goes beyond the workout. Why are we doing these exercises? How can I make these more challenging? How can I better myself? All of these are great questions that Andrew searches for. He is eager for knowledge and researches whenever he can in order to gain new information to make himself better. Whether that is watching youtube, reading blog posts, or following crossfitters on instagram, Andrew is dedicated to learning new exercises and nutrition to stay up to par.

Andrew Ingrum is an inspiring person who shows that no one should be slowed down by their age. Andrew is an inspiration to anyone who says “I can’t.. I have work” or “I can’t… I am too old”. If one works hard and sticks with it, they will find success.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Madeline Ingrum

Madeline Ingrum is a 16 year old filmmaker who is also a yogi, diy-er and colorful eater. She loves to make films and is trying to gain more expierence and knowledge. She has won the EarthxFilm Judge’s award for her short film “Think Before You Drive”, a commentary about transportation and how it affects our climate.

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