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There are dreams, ideas, and actions. Dreams tend to be sporadic. Ideas tend to lead towards something, but not always. However, actions are the true tell of how strong one’s dreams and ideas were.

Take a seemingly ordinary grandfather like Steven Dobbs for example. His grand children had a dream: to go to Disneyland anytime they wanted (everyday). Steven Dobbs pondered this and soon had an idea: to use his engineering expertise to build his own amusement park. So led to the final action: to completing Dobbsland.

Talking with Steven Dobbs, his engineering record was astonishing. It seemed like this man had built everything, but ironically his grandchildren did not quite understand how awesome his grandfather was. So, he decided to show them. To have your own Disneyland is quite the sign.

Hopefully, this video can show and potentially inspire people to use their dreams and ideas to accomplish astounding actions.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Adam Gorny

Adam Gorny, 18, is a senior at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California where he is enrolled in the Digital Media Arts Academy and FilmEd* Academy of the Arts. He has had work screened at the Hollywood Intl. Film Festival, the Orange County Film Festival, and the Archer Film Festival. He has applied to many film colleges where he looks to focus on screenwriting and directing.

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