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Batavia Kick Scooter Parade: The Almost World Record

Batavia, Illinois resident Randy Simonian in April 2016 wants to set a record for largest kick scooter parade.

Simonian wants to break a record set in 2013 in New Zealand, when 489 participants set a Guinness World Record for largest kick scooter parade.

The event also would raise money for Batavia United Way, which raises funds for programs that directly benefit Batavians, along with CHIP IN Batavia, which support students in temporary or transitioning housing situations or who are facing the obstacles of poverty in Batavia.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Nathan Stein

Video editing is Nathan’s main cup of tea (though he could substitute coffee for tea or vise versa on an given day), but he also frequently operates in the capacity of a camera operator, which is fun in it’s own way and allows for a unique kind of creativity.  He is also a boom operator, writer and more, and even occasionally a director. It’s all pretty fun.  He relishes any chance to get innovative in an artistic way. He got his start way back when in public access television and spent several years documenting a group at Fermilab working on a feature length Star Wars fan film… flaven.