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A Drop in the Ocean

Anuar Zeken is an ordinary student in Kazakhstan.  He believes that people who allow themselves to dream freely and fight for them, are the only ones who will achieve them.  He’s attitude to failure is inspiring.

He dreams to live a different life regarding his surroundings.

Anuar is a passionate enviromentalist and believes that peace and respect for nature is the only way for the survival of mankind and especially the Earth.  He hates violence, greed and discrimination, especially the ones who hurt the animals and enviroment. Those 3 things that were mentioned are the main reason of unsave behavior of people towards the enviroment. He is absolutely sure that people can live with no bad effects to ecology and live in peace and for that it is neccesary for the people to change from the inside.

Anuar’s dream is to direct people towards that philosophy and best way to do it is start acting yourself. Even if you act is a small things, just a drop in the ocean, remeber: ocean is made of million drops.

His realization of paper recycling project not will just save trees, but chages mentality of young generation to be a eco-consumer and respect the limited resources of nature. Also, it will insipre students that saving ecology starts from little actions. From simple to great.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Anuar Zeken

Anuar’s dream is to direct people towards that philosophy and best way to do it is through ART, the thing that inspires people to incredible and impossible things. Art makes anything possible.

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