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OUR Ecovillage **Past Enviro Runner-up**

During one week, we’ve been living intensely in an environmental community, called OUR Ecovillage. On their beautiful land near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada), they try to live as sustainable as possible, and[…]

The Craftman of Beijing

When you are planning your first travel by yourself when you grow up, open a map and search for the destination, how many people will stop at the place of latitude 39, east longitude 115,[…]

Adivasi: Uprooted

Suresh Pungati is a highly skilled Adivasi (tribal) craftsman from the Madia tribe. The film depicts his journey from his roots to the urban setting of Panchgani, India following his own dream and in a[…]

Tales of Forgotten Crafts

These are the stories of some of the last great hand craft masters still living and working in the UK.  Using traditional techniques that date back hundreds of years, these skills are a dying breed. […]