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90% Luck and a Lot of Work

This is about the life of Mihai Grunfeld. He was born in Romania in 1949. Trying to escape from communism and dreaming of a better life, he first escaped to Czechoslovakia at the age of[…]


Ascension is a Documentary on the strong impact of the auto-immune Disorder Lupus. Ren is a dancer and choreographer trained in Ballet, Jazz and many forms of dance. working with kids all around The City[…]

Under Siege

Yang Liping, the world-famous dance artist, worked behind the scenes as a director for the first time. Yang staged the Chinese history of two thousand years ago, Competition between Chu and Han, and created the[…]

The Disco Bunny

The United Kingdom has had a testing time in 2017. But however with all the darkness in the world the Disco Bunny travels up and down the UK to spread his message of positive energy[…]


Many people say I’m crazy. They say my words fly out of my mouth without hesitation and that my thoughts are constantly bouncing back and fourth at 100 miles per hour. They are correct. My[…]

Dorothea: Dancing Through Life

Dorothea Hereford is a ballet instructor at the Academy of Arts in January’s, located in Charleston, West Virginia. Discovering her love of dance at an early age, she pursued and learned about dance as much[…]

Portrait of a Ballet Dancer

Portrait of a ballet dancer is a short story about Miriam Kacerova, who is a first soloist. Small insight of her thoughts and feelings about her live as a ballet dancer. Ballet is not just[…]


A day in the life of Nigerian expat Emmanuel, who breaks his isolation through dancing.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Mahmoud Samir I fell in love in movies since I was a child. It[…]

Bharatanatyam: Of Gods and Bells

Durga Suryadevara, a working psychiatrist and mother of three, pursues a life-long dream of practicing Bharatanatyam, a sacred classical Indian dance form in the modern, urban environment of San Antonio.   About the Filmmaker Submitted[…]