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Activist Alonzo Washington’s video highlights how his personal mission to make a difference in his city inspired hope, change and solved murders in high crime areas of Kansas City. He even creates a superhero for urban youth to look up to, proving that normal citizens can be superheroes of hope.

For more on Alonzo and his latest effort, visit his Go Fund Me page:

From Alonzo, “I’m seeking funding to use drone technology to help folks come forward with tips. Please expose this effort to people you think may want to make a donation to this cause. I’m only trying to raise $1,500.00 for the cost of the drone & to cover the gas mileage to film the crime scene. I hope that I can get some donations in soon because it has been a very violent summer in the Kansas City area. I want to start this project as soon as possible.”


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Alonzo Washington

Alonzo Washington is an anti-crime activist and comic book creator.  He paints over graffiti and marches on drug houses. He performs safety seminars and gives away ID kits to children. He solves crimes. A child was found beheaded in Kansas City, MO.  He vowed to find the child’s name and her killers. He placed ads in newspapers for 4 years that solved the case.  Dubbed Precious Doe, Alonzo discovered she was Erica Green and captured her killers.  Alonzo started a tip program and produced PSA’s to get tips about crimes.  His efforts solved several homicides and increased tips to police. He peacefully surrenders fugitives. Alonzo is a hero/crime fighter.

Filmmaker’s Website:

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