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Vietnam and My True Hero

I was ten when my brother David received a draft notice saying he was headed to a place called Vietnam.  I remember my mother crying…I remember the audio tapes he would send us and hearing the bombs going off in the background.  And when he came home he was different.  We could not be in a room he was sleeping in.  We could not touch him or walk up behind him.  He is one of the most beautiful men I know…And whatever he went through in Vietnam he will carry in the back of his mind…and the memories of friends he lost along the way, he will carry in his heart.

I do a lot of video on Vietnam because I have always wondered why? Why all those young lives were lost?  Why so many people I knew?  Kids in my neighborhood left and never returned. And why were the ones who did return treated so poorly?

This is a tribute to the Vietnam vets who never came home and to my brother David who was blessed enough to make it home.  He is my Hero.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Theresa Bean

Theresa loves doing videos to get her message across to people that life is what you make it, and that with God all things are possible…No matter what you are going through never lose your faith …God know what you need…Just trust him.