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Tyler Dodd Regional Godol

Tyler Dodd is the regional godol (president) of the Nassau-Suffolk Region in BBYO. BBYO is the leading pluralistic jewish teen movement in the world. It has levels of organization. It goes from international, to national, to councils, to regions and then to chapters. The Nassau suffolk region encompasses jewish teens from Long Island in these two counties. Tyler Dodd oversees all 1200 plus members of the region on a day to day basis. As a young kid, Tyler Dodd was overweight and often made fun of for who he was. He didn’t have many friends, but when he began BBYO this all changed. BBYO opened him up to a loving group of guys where Tyler was able to feel as if he belonged. The organization encouraged Tyler to strive to be a leader. Eventually Tyler made it onto the board of his local chapter, Samson. From leader of membership he eventually became the vice president and then president. Throughout this time he gained friends and began to start losing weight. Tyler had role models in his chapter that took him to the gym and encouraged him to lose weight and continue the leadership he was displaying. So Tyler ran for regional president in the spring of 2016 and won. He was only a junior at this time. Tyler did such a great job in his position as president. He strengthened the bonds between members, increased productivity and inspired a whole new generation of alephs (members). Tyler always strives to be the best he could be and his story is one that can inspire others.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Greg Greenblatt

Alex, Greg and Ryan are three students at Commack High School in a video production class. They were inspired to do this video because Greg and Alex are both in BBYO and Tyler Dodd was someone who helped them with anything they needed. So, in order to give back to Tyler they decided to make this video.

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