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Nelson Piquet Jr.: A Fresh Start

After being the first world champion on the first season of Formula Electric, the second one was the worst. The team was a huge mess and almost came in last place in the championship. But after the disaster the team rebuilt itself and had so many preseason tests, to get the car competitive again!


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Ricardo Legname

Ricardo is a creative with 10+ years experience in visual media for leading brands such as Claro, Google, Sony Pictures, Bridgestone, Bradesco, Oi and among others.

Over the past years he has been focusing on merging cinema with photography with a different and unique look.

To Ricardo, “digital imaging” is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in his mind.  He gets inspired by things around him in his daily life and all kinds of things he sees. Although one photo or a piece of video can consist of hundreds of layers, he always wants it to look like it could have been captured.

Every new project is a new challenge and his goal is to realize them as realistically as possible.