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I´ve Seen So Much **Current Jury Winner**

Sintayehu Tesale is an Ethiopian carpenter. But not only. He is an inspiring person; one of those who leave a mark on you when you meet him. He is persevering, he is positive, he boosts your strength, he encourages you to stand up. He is, in summary, a motivational person. Maybe, part of this strength comes from his own struggles, from his own experience, from the fact that he is one of the few carpenters in the world who does not use his hands, but his feet, due to an undiagnosed disability. This is the story of Sintayehu, the story of his life.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Gonzalo Guajardo

Always dedicated to the image field, Gonzalo started working with videos quite early during his childhood, when he discovered his love for movies, making several short films with his friends. He was soon concerned that he should dedicate his life to this field.

Born in Spain, Gonzalo got a degree in Audiovisual Communications & Liberal Arts, and continued his higher education in the USA and Central Europe, where he could explore new fields of photography, mainly architectural and entertainment

Gonzalo has spent the last six years in Ethiopia, been also involved in the cooperation field and learning every day something new about the Horn of Africa and its people. His projects in Ethiopia are many, he has worked for different NGOs and TV companies, such as France´s TV5Monde, Japan´s NHK (Japan Broadcasting Coorporation) or Spanish´s Movistar 0+.

Filmmaker’s Website:

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  1. I am fascinated by Sintayehu strength and positive energy. I hope this film could reach some international disable organisations that could help him to accomplish his dream, or even life mission, of traveling abroad and sharing his experiences.
    This short film is a must not only for disable people, but for the society as a whole.
    I wish a lot of success for both the protagonist and the filmmaker!

  2. Courageous and amazing person that he able to do all this hard work while he has reasons to be out of work. I appreciate the eye which sees such kind of person and show for the rest of the world as well.
    Good job!!!

  3. I am Ethiopian and knows many people who are begging on the streets, of course; many of them could have reasons. But this person is living for the purpose for which he created for, hard worker. He inspired me to be out of any reasons which limits me to fulfill my purpose of life.

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