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Ethan is just your average 18-year old school student. He can write, play piano, speak Spanish, swim, skateboard, rock climb and ice-skate. He also happens to be legally blind. Chronicling his amazing achievements despite his disability, Ethan is life-affirming true story that proves that you can achieve anything with the right mind-set.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Ramon Samson

Ramon Samson is a 19-year old filmmaker from Sydney, Australia who is currently in his third-year at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. A prodigious writer, Ramon started filmmaking in 2011 when he was in second-year high school, where he promptly fell in love with the screen arts and storytelling. Since then, his passion for filmmaking has snowballed and as of 2017, has written and directed twenty-short films over a period of six years. He is currently developing ideas for a feature-length film and is currently developing multiple short films in the meantime.

After leaving film school, Ramon hopes to get a job as an assistant editor or camera assistant on feature films.

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