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Dr. Stephanie Logan

Dr. Stephanie Logan lost her hearing at the age of 23 when she contracted spinal meningitis. Originally on track for a Doctorate in music, this devastating loss caused Stephanie to change her course to Psychology. Today, she is the executive director of the L.E.A.D Institute and teaches American Sign Language in Columbia, Missouri. She also is the only deaf psychologist in Missouri. Her organization provides services to deaf victims of crime, where there were previously no services offered at all. Dr. Logan has inspired and impacted the lives of all her students and each individual she has helped through her organization. She says she believes everything in her life happened for a reason, and that losing her hearing has affected her life positively.


About the Filmmakers
Submitted by Liza Anderson and Abbey Reznicek

Liza Anderson and Abbey Reznicek are Documentary Journalism students at the University of Missouri. They are passionate about film making and story telling. They each would eventually like to pursue careers in post-production.

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