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Border Border Revisited

A short documentary on India Pakistan friendship in an era of hostility. 15 years ago children from India and Pakistan collaborated on a theatre performance, focusing on peace between the two nuclear armed neighbors. I was one of the children. Many years on, the bonds we made with our friends across the border are as strong as ever. I decide to visit the border, and revisit those old memories,comparing the ridiculous border ceremony to the border we created on stage. Indeed their game is one of violence and hate, ours is of peace and friendship.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Nirvaan Nadeem

Nirvaan is an emerging independent filmmaker, director at Ajoka Theatre Pakistan and an established television actor. His work focuses on socially meaningful content, entertainment with a purpose. His nationally acclaimed theatre play, ‘The Magical Parrot’, focused on religious indoctrination. His distinction holding documentary, ‘Becoming Bhagat Singh’, focused on human rights and freedom, while his short film, ‘One More Talib’, focused on religious extremism and the psychology of a suicide bomber. Nirvaan hopes to continue his work, grow as an artist and human being, and continue, in his own way, to contribute to society.

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