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Beyond Their Window

We all have some idea of what poverty looks like. We imagine some inner city neighborhood that’s covered in graffiti and riddled with violence. What if we knew that poverty is real in other neighborhoods?

This a documentary of a family that is struggle with poverty to give their children the best opportunities but live in a wealthy suburb, Niles. They are a poverty stricken family hiding in the open.

About the Filmmaker

Submitted by Katherine Cruz

Kat is a Chicago native with Latina roots with love for creating content, bringing people together and starting a conversation through her work. She earned a bachelors degree in Communication and Media at Northeastern Illinois University and is continuing her education at Loyola University Chicago, in the Master of Communication: Digital Storytelling program.

In the crazy connected world we live in, some of us may feel more disconnected than ever. We must remember that behind the screen is a real person and if we’re willing to listen; everyone has a story. That’s what drives her in the digital storytelling realm.

Anyone who knows Kat, knows she talks about my mom all the time. Her mother inspires her with her bigger-than-life animations and the wonder of her tales, which are only sometimes embellished. One day, she wishs to be as talented as her mother. For now, she’ll continue to develop her storytelling skill across multiple platforms.

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