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Beth Anne: My Inspiration

Beth Anne is an amazingly strong person that I have known very well for a while. She has been an awesome role model to her kids and has always shown people the love of God. Beth Anne has also been a single mother since her children were 2 and 3 and has raised them extremely well. While the film work isn’t Hollywood quality, I hope you can see the type of amazing person and role model that Beth Anne has been. Beth Anne has never used her wounds or pain as a crutch to sit life out on the sidelines and has been an inspiration to me and her family.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Elijah Brooks

Elijah Brooks is an aspiring filmmaker who hopes to eventually make visually stunning productions but for now is learning. He enjoys filming nature and urban landscapes while also wanting to communicate individuals with beautiful stories. He wants to continuously improve and move people to see life in a different way.

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