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They Call Me Coach

They call her coach! Coach McCrosky is an amazing person who has a mission of coaching high school Track & Field. From an athletes perspective, I can tell you that this coach is one of the most driven, caring and loving people you will ever meet. Her mission is to help young adults and athletes grow and mature by disciplining them with hard work and determination. She is a community icon and has touched hundreds of lives through the sport of Track & Field!

However, that’s not all she does. Coach McCrosky is a teacher and mentor at a small middle school and high school in rural Missouri. She devotes hours of her time every single day to educate youth on being safe, pro-active and smart in their lives. She leads by example and is loved by everybody. From the moment she parks her vehicle at the school to the time that the day is over . . . she leaves a lasting impression on everyone around her that is truly priceless. Her life has not been easy, but it has only transformed her into one of the most inspiring people in our society.

As a track athlete from this small school in rural Missouri, I can say with complete confidence that this sport is not easy. This is not due to the overwhelming physical amount of running, jumping and passing out, it’s because our school does not have a track or an adequate training facility. Therefore we are forced to run through town on backroads and highways, and to be quite honest this frustrating. What inspires me as well as the rest of our team, is that Coach McCrosky doesn’t give this a second thought. She doesn’t let this distract her from what matters most, training her athletes to the best of her abilities. I have never seen anyone else as passionate and dedicated to what they love as much Coach Jamminy McCrosky. It’s her world and her mission and that alone leaves a lasting impression in my heart and hopefully yours as well. To the best coach out there, thank you Coach McCrosky!


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Adam Block

Adam Block is going into his senior year at Cabool High School in Cabool, Missouri. He is a seventeen year old and loves to tell stories through the art of filmography and photography. Although he may not be a professional, that doesn’t stop his growing passion. He wishes to attend college after high school and major in Digital Video Production, TV & News Directing and Screenwriting. His most prestigious goal is to eventually direct the famous TV show, “The Walking Dead”. Unlike most people, frustrating opposition doesn’t influence his lofty goals and visions. When teased and questioned of his skills and dreams, Adam replies, “Why Should you worry? You’ll be working for me anyways”. He lives by a motto of “go big . . . or go home”, and continuously pushes himself to be not only a better person, but a better storyteller through motion film and pictures.

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