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Faith 4-Change

This True Rap story is about an inspired fifth-grade student W-FLY, who has been changed by his faith. And his mentor Bishop Freeze, who constantly motivates him to have faith in God and to trust in his word and make right choices with his life.

W-FLY wakes up every morning and says a prayer for his home boys in his neighborhood, and he invites his friends to come to his local youth group called “SOZO” so that they can be changed and start to make better choices like him.

Some people think that W-FLY is kind of strange because he records rap music speaking about his deep faith for God, but he is not ashamed.

W-FLY raps that he is on a Sozo mission sharing God’s love in the hood with a passion-his faith is living it is more than a tradition- he’s hoping to save urban lives that’s why he out there fishing- I pray to God that these urban boys will listen- I got faith these guys will make the right decisions- says W-FLY.

He says he appreciates his youth leader and mentor Bishop Freeze because Bishop Freeze motivates him to stay away from gang’s drugs and crime. This young RAPPER is making a powerful impact in his community guided by his mentor Bishop Freeze W-FLY is using his faith to believe for change in his inner-city neighborhood.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Dwayne Parker

Dwayne Parker aka / Bishop Freeze is a youth mentor who is passionate about sharing the love of Christ with hope to transform the lives of urban youth their families and communities that they live in.

He is not just a filmmaker he is a life changer, rescuing teenagers cornered by obstacles of gang’s crime and single-parent households. Bishop Freeze a former juvenile Chaplin goes behind the walls of juvenile jails to speak life into young people who have made bad choices encouraging them to turn their lives around.

Three times a week at his local “SOZO” youth center at risk teens come to have a full course meal, do their homework be tutored if they need it, learn about God and have a safe place to hang out participating in sports activities.

Bishop Freeze also encourages young people to use their gifts like rapping singing and dancing in a positive way.

His heart is to see young people transformed and changed and on a path for success in life.

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