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Enquiring Minds

This film delves into topics discussed throughout the sensory Australian Aboriginal event; Enquiring Minds. Carroll Karpany – Ngarrindjeri Rupelli, introduces the the art of traditional dance and culture and guides the audience and fellow panel members through a question and answer session, opening up a safe space for enquiring Melbournians to talk about Aboriginal Australia. The evening is accompanied by a delicious buffet of native foods and visual projections. We encourage you to be a part of the Enquiring Minds community and join the conversation. Everyone is invited.
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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Stacey Chilcott

Green Collar Productions is Directed by Stacey Chilcott, whose initial studies in aquatic science led her to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, part of the Yucatan Peninsula – the largest subterranean river system in the world. The threats to the river system from rampant development inspired Stacey to produce her own documentary as a way of inspiring the international community to protect our vital ecosystems. Stacey has since assisted as an Initial Researcher for the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, pursued postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development, and continues to promote environmentally sustainable technologies, practices and initiatives through film.

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