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Refugees’ Bicycles

I came across Jeff in 2013 when I was taking a documentary class at Emily Griffith Technical College, and my teacher gave us a project to document a story that we were passionate about. The first person that came to my mind was Jeff. Jeff has been serving refugee kids with his bicycle ministry for about 6 years. I was so intrigued by his consistency with helping fix refugees’ bicycles. He told me he is doing this work because he wants to give back to his community, and he added “when the Bible talks about love your neighbor, this is how I want to approach my neighbor.” Now he is teaching refugee kids how to fix their own bicycles, and he’s getting help from people who want to donate goods to refugees.  As a filmmaker I wanted to document his story.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Goshen Carmel

Goshen Carmel  is a filmmaker and a photographer. He goes by “filmaker4fugee” because he believes that refugees have stories and talents to share. Being a former refugee he believes refugees came to the U.S to bring insight to the American society. That’s why he documents stories of refugees and people who are making an impact in the refugee community.
He believes film making is a great way to tell a story and to educate others about an issue that is often ignored.  He has a goal to go back to his home country Congo to document stories of women who get raped and child soldiers who get abducted from their families.He is currently attending Front Range Community College and is studying video production.  He is hoping to take his skills all over the world.