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Bernunça Composter

In 2015, the environmental engineer Pedro Palermo starts a solid waste management work in school Batista Pereira, in Florianópolis / SC – Brazil. Mobilizing different sectors, the agro-ecological education promoted communication between management, teachers, staff and students, expanding the consciousness of recycling and optimizing the allocation of organic waste from the school.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Renan Ramos Roch

Is a Brazilian filmmaker born in Santa Catarina – Brazil – who works on themes of social relevance, such as ethnic-racial relations and environmental awareness. Since his graduation in Social Communication, Renan prioritizes in his films subjects that need greater visibility in the current world society. Acting around humanitarian issues in the context of globalization, the director uses the cinema to promote the affirmation of human capabilities in collective actions that serve as an example for people around the world. The filmmaker works in several areas of the cinema and collaborates in films of other filmmakers of Santa Catarina.

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